1. Before placing an order you have to REGISTER yourself in the system by providing your name and contact details.

2. The system will deliver your work on the email address you have provided. Therefore, you are solely responsible for your email account. In case your email account is not accessible to you, KM Assignment Services is not liable to any losses, delays or inconveniences incurred as a result.

3. Make sure that the email address and other contact details you provide are accurate.

4. Your personal information will be kept confidential. Read our PRIVACY POLICY for more details.


1. The payment methods are available on the email. You can choose the payment method easily accessible to you

2. Once you make the payment, you need in inform us by email and submit payment receipt in the student portal.

3. The system will not process your order until or unless full payment is paid.

4. We don’t deliver the order without the full advance payment.

5. Right to give discount and bonuses is reserved to us. Read our discount policy below for further details.

6. We are neither responsible for your bank transfer charges and anomalies nor for the delays occurring due to bank service issues.

7. Refund will be given according to our Refund Policy.

8. Refund will be given according to our Refund Policy (scroll down to read futher).


1. Price will be quoted according to your;

1.1. Order Size: Number of words/pages/paragraphs. This may vary as per the circumstances.

1.2. Order Scope: Academically difficult orders require high level expertise and more time.

1.3. Order Deadline: Order having shorter deadline are higher as compared to those with longer deadlines.

1.4. Order Resources: Research assignments require more resources such as statisticians and researching tools.

Discount Policy

1. We give 25% discount on your first order.

2. Our admin team has offered a long-term discount offer for our online customers from 10% to 25% on their repeat orders. However, this offer is time bound.


1. We are responsible to comply with the deadline.

2. If the deadline quoted is not accurate then we shall not be liable or responsible for any delays.

3. At the time of delivery your delivery channels must be intact, accessible and operational. In case of failure of delivery due to the technical or physical errors on the client’s end, we are not responsible and liable to any losses or inconveniences incurred as a result.

4. Once the delivery is done by us the client is solely responsible to download and submit the content.


1. Upon completion of the order, you will be notified to review the work.

2. We give TWO(2) days to review the work.

3. Revision requests are not entertained after 2 days.


1. We are responsible to review the work on the reasonable request of the client.

2. The numbers of revisions are limited.

3. The right to approve or decline a request for revision is reserved to us.

4. Unreasonable revision requests will not be entertained.

Refund Policy

1. If you are not satisfied with our delivered work, you can apply for a refund;

1.1. Our experts will do careful analysis on your refund request.

1.2. If the decision is made for the refund, you will be informed on how much refund is to be reimbursed.

1.3. It usually takes 3-4 weeks to arrange a refund to you.