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Philosophy of Teaching

Philosophy of Teaching
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Teaching is a profession that is highly reputable, and thus it requires individuals to focus on developing efficient soft skills. In the professional domain, teaching because of the inability of individuals to understand their role in society will be difficult. It has been observed that teachers understand the responsibility of contributing to society, and the essay will focus on “my philosophy of teaching.” In the essay, along with my adopted philosophy, the values I will adopt as part of fulfilling my social and ethical responsibilities in the profession of teaching will be highlighted. My personal believes and philosophy which I believe are necessary for becoming a teacher are discussed in the essay and most of them will focus on developing relationship and communication skills.


The profession of teaching has high value and respect in society, and as a teacher, it is a prerequisite that I should focus on maintaining my behavior and relationship with the learners. The pre-requisite of teaching will demand that teachers should understand that they are not getting annoyed by the individuals. It is necessary that teachers must realize that the learners need more knowledge, and thus they will require time to understand the concept. It is necessary to develop effective relations, and this can be done by managing behaviors. Making conversation is also necessary, and as a teacher, it is my responsibility to give enough space and communication mediums to the learners.

The other aspect, which is also related to the concept of communication, is to use of emotional intelligence. The teachers should ask their learners about their experiences and feelings. This approach will also make it easy for teachers to understand any expectation gap. Hence, the statement that a skillful educator will focus on building effective relationships with her students is true, but I also believe that the presence of mutual respect is needed. I do agree with exercising high emotional intelligence, but I also believe that the students or learners should also practice a similar approach to achieve the required results. Through having high emotional intelligence I am not only capable of developing long term relationship with the students but also will get regarded as a good teacher.

It is expected that the teachers have the responsibility of providing appropriate tools to individuals in terms of information literacy. I have a strong opinion about the statement as teachers are responsible for enhancing the knowledge of their students. This responsibility is implied, and the factors like the engagement of the student in the learning process are completely ignored, which is also central.

When analyzing the performance of teachers and their capability of providing the information is also directly proportioned to the adaptability of students. For example, if the students are distracted, then the teachers will fail to increase their level of teaching. Moreover, because of this, my philosophy also focuses on the phenomenon of not being angry. It is obvious that when teaching sessions are arranged, then teachers will encounter students with different backgrounds and mindsets. This is not practically possible for a teacher to understand and evaluate each individual, and thus, getting angry can be a reaction. But when there are situations in which teachers are not comfortable such as students talking to each other rather than listening, then practicing patience is the key to success.

Under ethical and moral responsibility, it is the responsibility of teachers to make students focus on the lecture given but using force is strictly prohibited. This philosophy also supports teachers in building efficient psychological contracts with the students, and they will be willing to focus on lectures more.

While teaching, there are conflicts that can arise, and thus, as a teacher giving prompt reactions will not facilitate the situation. The conflicts which can arise during sessions will be difficult to handle when there are multiple individuals involved, and thus, dealing with the situation with patience is the priority.

The philosophy which I believe in regarding conflicts is to take time in responding to the situations. I usually take time to respond to conflicting situations, as this will help me in dealing with others in an absolutely right manner. For a person, if the reactions are prompt, then there are chances that the relationships will get affected, and thus I believe that when time is taken, then it will become easy to convey our opinion. I do agree with the approach of delayed communication in times of conflict in the context of teaching because, in my view, it will make an individual able to develop a context of communication.

Over the years, conflict management approach in the profession of teaching is highly required as there are different parties involved. I focus on delayed communication because I believe that it is necessary for managing the conflicts in order to make a positive social impact. It is argued that due to conflicts the relationships are difficult to manage but the philosophy used by me is helping me in keeping my social relationships similar even after conflicts.

The atmosphere and culture in the classrooms are considered critical factors for students’ increased learning capacity, and it is truly the responsibility to maintain these. I have a philosophy of making classrooms welcoming and keeping the environment flexible for students. The flexibility provided will create motivation among students, and they will be willing to join the teaching session as well. The flexibility philosophy also gives an opportunity for the students as well to share their opinions and ideas. When teachers give an opportunity to students to share their thoughts, then it will not only increase their morale but also there are highly likely chances that the discussion will also make others learn something new. More welcoming classrooms have the capacity to increase learning potential, and for this, teachers are responsible. Under my philosophy of teaching, I also give full independence to teachers in selecting any topic for discussion, and I have observed that it will have a material impact on the engagement level as well.


By analyzing my philosophy of teaching, it is concluded that teachers should make sure to focus on developing their interpersonal and social skills. It is observed that when teachers exercise high emotional intelligence, then they will be able to increase the engagement of students. Lastly, it also concludes that when flexibility is provided to students, then they will have a positive attitude toward learning.