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We have expert and diverse writers who are capable of custom essay writing in a proper, compelling and standardize way on nearly every topic. Our essay writers have expertise in narrative, descriptive, argumentative, expository, informative and comparative essays. The best thing about us is that we allow you to customize your essay completely. By ‘completely’ we mean that:

1. You can choose type: What type do you want? Descriptive, narrative, argumentative, expository, informative or comparative.

2. You can choose tone: Do you want a friendly tone or a serious tone? Do you want a persuasive or an informative tone? We let you decide it.

3. You can choose length: How long paragraphs should be? How many paragraphs should be there? How frequently do you want the essay to change paragraphs?

4. You can choose approach: Do you want to express the main idea first and then support it with subsequent details and evidences? Do you want to build up the suspense and clear-out complexities to drop your main idea at last? Do you want a persuasive and informative approach? It all depends on you.

5. We will give the completed and reviewed assignment to you and seek for your satisfaction.

6. You can choose arrangement: How do you want your ideas to be arranged? How do we branch out your points? It’s on your choice! Our Custom Essay Writing service is really like shaping your essay by yourself. You give us the details and we handle the rest!

Research Essay Writing

At KM Software Service we consider research the backbone of any writing. That’s why we make sure to conduct extensive and systematic research whenever we work on a research essay. Our researchers are of top-notch having skills in planning, systematic ordering, evaluating, describing, deducing, sourcing, briefing and writing. We follow proper academic style and approach.

1. We first plan-out the research.

2. We conduct research and collect plenty of information.

3. After collecting information, we filter out the key and supporting points.

4. We then connect ideas. In this step, we adopt innovative approach.

5. After completing the research, we make the structure of the essay and prepare a draft.

6. Then we read it thoroughly and make necessary edits, deletes and additions.

7. We then proof-read for any grammatical, spelling and punctuation error.

8. Your essay is now ready !

Essay Editing

Editing is what makes an essay, an essay. This is by far the most important part that really completes your essay. Our editors have an amazing sense of what makes an essay academically proper and standardize.

1. We understand your essay and map out ideas and points.

2. We thoroughly check for any grammatical and punctuation error.

3. We structure your essay right according to the academic standard.

4. We change the level of English to professional English.

5. We do not erase the original identity of your essay. You will still feel like it’s your own essay.

6. Your compelling essay is now ready which is surely get you higher marks than expected!

7. We then proof-read for any grammatical, spelling and punctuation error.

8. Your essay is now ready !

Essay Proofreading

We don’t just proofread your essay for grammatical, spelling and punctuation error but we also check for the authenticity of the sources of information. We check for the issues like:

1. Plagiarism: Not everyone writes with the intention of plagiarizing but sometimes we mistakenly write the ideas which are already written. We check for these issues and report you.

2. Un-necessary information: We check for the un-necessary information in the context of the topic and report you if found any.

3. Long phrases and clauses: Academic standards require conciseness. Conciseness is an art of writing broad ideas in short sentences. This is what makes your writing professional. We check for such issues and report you with necessary suggestions.

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