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Sports Science

Sports Science
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Logic Model



Invested Resources mainly involve Human kinetics that sheds light on sports psychology and leadership programs, whereas, the North American Society for Sports Management (NASSM) manages young aspiring athletes. Time and proper finance are also important invested resources.

Resource-dependency theory is a principle that helps in the management of sports with the engagement of transactions, and processes to acquire other resources valuable in sports (Rojas-Valverde et al. 2020).

Developing theory engages experts in deciding a road map in sports for the upcoming days.

Sports governance is more adequate to decide upcoming events with the collaboration of staff and voluntary participants.


The activities according to the model include the application of a combination of skills like planning, controlling, organizing, directing, leading, and finally evaluating the whole process.


The main mission of output is to elevate sports science by analyzing any individual’s balance, strength, power, speed and mobility through certain performance and ability tests (echolive, 2022). This whole process helps to improve training programs drastically.

Short and long time consequences-

These Short and long-term consequences follow the changes that need to be brought in sports management. The changes are required to be brought in the fields of infrastructure development, quality control, corruption check and sponsor value.

Theoretical Model

Sports Science

Figure 1: Selection process of Indian Badminton team

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Sports science is a stream that helps to understand the undergoing changes of a healthy human body while exercising. It also studies the social, physical and intellectual health improvements of the person who is connected with sports or any physical activity. The primary purpose of sports science and technology is to increase the level of endurance and performance among badminton players. It also focuses on the reduction rate of any health injury of the players during the participation.

Talent Hunting

Talent hunting is the first and most crucial step for organizing badminton sports events. Talent or the players are the heart and soul of any badminton tournament, and the tournament’s success depends upon them. The Indian talent-hunting managers seek the recommendation of the State Board badminton committee during the selection procedure. The selection board has been selected the league-cum-round robin format to select the players. Commonwealth Games and Asian Games are the target for the Indian badminton team. They rely upon the statistics of a player’s previous winning records. The state-level performance of the player comes into account when the sporting event is happening nationally (Hansen et al. 2021). Similarly, they look upon the player’s national-level performance while planning the international sports event.

Badminton Association of India is responsible for choosing the top talents of badminton within India. BAI is going to select the top 60 Indian badminton players who can perform top notch during the Olympics of 2024 (scroll, 2022). The Indian players who are in the top 15 rank from all over world will also be selected directly. Additionally, Badminton Association of India (BAI) has decided to skip the CWG trails and focus on the Thomas & Uber Cup. This decision is justified as the primary focus is the Olympics 2024. Therefore, the current selected badminton players will be regulated and trained for better performance to the next leagues which requires the conduction of more matches.

Key Performance Skills

Specific parameters are required from the players to perform well during the Badminton sporting event. Technique, flexibility and endurance are critical skills for any player to be selected for the event. The technique is the most critical factor because the player first needs to know the required mannerisms of badminton (timesofindia.indiatimes, 2022). The players cannot perform well and, therefore, cannot help in winning the tournament if they are only adequately aware of the techniques of badminton.

There is no such written formula for performing well in a match. Flexibility is essential during the sport because the events of a match cannot be anticipated previously. Therefore, the players must constantly think on their feet during the match to perform well and win the match.

The last but not least required skill is endurance, as the players have to undergo tremendous physical training before and during the tournament. The endurance to tolerate the pain means doing proper workouts and practice matches and to avoid the pleasures means following a proper diet chart is a requirement among players. The players can learn the techniques quickly with the help of a good coach. However, they cannot learn endurance (echolive, 2022). The endurance must come from within, as it depends on the player’s determination and willpower.

Performance Status

Asia is and has always been in the top position in the whole world when it comes to badminton. Most of the world’s top-ranking players are Asian in men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles. The selection process of these highly skilled players happens through efficiency trials.

There had been a 6-day selection trial process in India among 120 badminton players for these five categories. The selection process decided the top badminton talents of India and the trial ended on April 20, 2022 (badmintonindia, 2022). The trials were organized for the Commonwealth Games, Thomas and Uber cup and Asian Games of 2022. The top selected badminton players of India had performed extremely well during the Thomas and Uber Cup. The men’s team defeated Indonesia who was a 14 times champion of the cup.

These trials help the sports management committee understand whether the players can participate in the contest and whether having that would affect the match positively or negatively. It helps evaluate the motor ability skills of the top players (ssep, 2022). The top players have a high motor ability as they can move swiftly in between every shuttle hit.

The State Board Badminton committee also looks upon the maturity and growth level of the badminton players during the selection procedure. The players who have grown tremendously over the years are the top priorities. Those who cannot display these growth and maturity records are not selected.

Guiding Selected Players

Some players among the selected players are medically fit and have a well-performed performance record but can perform even better. These players get the opportunity to have better guidance from a professional coach in the areas they can improve further. The players must take the medical fitness test before being selected. They need to be medically healthy to perform well during the sports tournament. They can also become injured during the tournament and between matches, requiring treatment. The players who are facing an injury but have performed well during their previous matches need to go through proper treatment (shapeamerica, 2022). The sport management committee provides these players with better treatment facility so they perform as per their ability in future matches.

These players also get better accommodation facilities so they can relax after a day full of hard work. It also gives them additional motivation to endure the pain during the practices and matches. Finally, those who perform well get the opportunity to represent their country in national and international badminton games (Rojas-Valverde et al. 2020). These players get further guidance for improving their performance and those who perform the best become the top badminton players in Asia.


A proper talent-hunting procedure increases the chance of the team winning the tournament. It helps to create a polished badminton team who can go the extra mile even if it does not win. Sports science helps to identify the areas of weaknesses and strengths of any individual badminton player so they can improve those areas. Sports technology helps players to increase their performance by increasing their flexibility, endurance and technical skills. Advanced sports technology also helps players understand if any practice they are doing is causing them any type of injury or exhaustion. Sports science technology can analyze the previous matches of a player to help them avoid future injuries.



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