Wondering how to score good grades in college? Studying hard, finding the right circle of friends who would share knowledge and help you out in tasks, and finding your best trick that would help you concentrate are important factors. Here are the 5 tips from our best guides that made them qualified as the best students in their field of study:

1) Attend All Your Classes
Remember that attending classes plays an important role in keeping up with good grades. Missing one class means missing tons of knowledge and skills.
As a student, you might think “Eh, today’s class is boring. So why not be absent?”. The loss you will have from this thought is what may count as a reason of you not having good grades.
You will have the opportunity to make your presence known, by answering questions, participating, and contributing your ideas, thoughts, and opinions. Some colleges give attendance points, so if this is the case, make sure that you benefit from them.

2) Master Your Professors
Get to know your professors and make sure that they get to know you. They will have a better opportunity to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Let them know when you are struggling. They are there to help you. Understand your course expectations. If there is anything that you are unsure of, don’t hesitate to ask your professor to clarify.

3) Stay Organized

If you want to know how to get even better grades, organization is really key. Use a planner or calendar and make sure that you are up to date with all of your deadlines Create a designated workspace with good lighting and a comfortable chair Declutter your desk Schedule blocks of time for learning Organize your digital files in named folders for ease of access Keep stationery on hand. Make sure that you have pens, highlighters, eraser, sharpener, notebooks, flashcards, and colored markers.

4) Time Management
Time Management is indeed one of the important factors that could go wrong if balanced wrongly. Remember, a perfect balance is where you can balance work, study, and family responsibilities. Some of the rules you could apply are: Make a To-Do List Use a Planner/Calender Set Goals

5) Taking Notes
Try to make a habit of taking notes. The small notes really makes a positive difference and can help you not only score good grades but also use these for future purpose.