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10 Tips to Improve English Skills

10 Tips to Improve English Skills

When we learn a language, we first listen, then talk, then read, and eventually write. The four language skills we must master for complete communication are listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Listening and reading are forms of receptive input, i.e. exposure to actual language in use. Speaking and writing are both productive: they produce language as part of the process of acquiring a second language.

To master these four fundamental language skills, you must immerse yourself in English at home, at work, and in your leisure time.

Continue reading to learn how to overcome the obstacles to improving your English skills that you may be facing. Extend your exposure to the English language as much as possible:

Practice makes perfect, which indicates that if you want to improve a skill, you must do so. As a starting student, you must master all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

These four skills are the basic skills because if you want to get a certificate that shows that you are good in English you will take an IELTS exam or TOEFL exam these 2 exams depend on all of these skills, all of our tutors at KM Assignment Services are excellent in these skills.

1. Listening

It is crucial in the learning of any language. Effective listening, among other things, assures comprehension and aids in the improvement of speaking correctness. What steps can you take to improve your listening abilities? By actively listening, I mean paying attention not only to what is said but also to how it is said. So, pay attention: 

1.1 Listen to music

It doesn’t matter if you’re listening to old or new music.  Listen to whatever kind of music you want, but pay attention to the lyrics. (Referring to the lyrics can sometimes help you understand the song better). 

1.2 Listen To What The Characters Are Saying 

Another way to improve your English language skills is by paying attention to what the characters are saying when you watch the television. Try the classics when it comes to movies, TV series, news, entertainment, and radio. You can watch the movie as many times as you want especially if you’re on Amazon PrimeNetflix or Disney Hotstar.

A good way to start is to watch with subtitles at first, and then without when you’re ready. Another alternative is, you can also listen to the English radio at home or on your mobile phone. Even though you’re not actively listening, your ears will become accustomed to the language’s sounds.

1.3 Attend English-language performances

Here’s another tip for students to improve their English skills. Through visiting exhibitions, seminars, and other events hosted by English-speaking institutions or clubs, you will be able to meet other people who use the language. This way you will be presented with the opportunity to speak in English with other attendees whilst increasing your exposure to the language. 

2. Reading 

Reading is a cognitive process that takes time to develop. Your mind must connect the meaning of the words, phrases, and expressions represented by symbols, as well as learn the grammar and structure of the language used in the chapter to read. It will be extremely beneficial to your future if you have great reading skills. You may read: 

 2.1 English-language books and articles

Perhaps works you’ve already read in your language or that have been adapted into films. Begin with simple books, such as children’s books and comics: Even if you don’t know all of the words, the graphics will help you understand. Keeping a dictionary close by you could come in handy if you need to know the translations to words in your native language. 

2.2 Change the language of your phone’s, computer’s, or tablet’s 

You will strengthen your vocabulary by associating a function with a specific word. 

3. Speaking 

Speaking is frequently the most difficult of the four English language skills, but once you can speak a little English, there are many methods to progress quickly and have a lot of fun. 

3.1 Participate In Vocal Chats 

In terms of social networks, technology has improved significantly, so you’ll be able to discover a chat room to join no matter where you live. 

3.2 Speak Out And Record Yourself

This may appear amusing, but it will help you realize how you may improve your English skills by repeating the recording multiple times until you are satisfied with the results. 

3.3  Communicate with your peers in English 

This is the most effective method to improve your English skills. The more you converse in English the better you become. The reason why many students refrain from speaking in English, especially if it’s not their first language is out of fear of being ridiculed. But the more you speak, the better grasp you would have of the language. 

4. Writing 

This is the most intimidating skill when it comes to learning a language. Although it may be scary to many people, anyone with little discipline and a willingness to study may become accustomed to writing. 

4.1 Make A List Of Phrases Or Expressions 

You will remember them better if you see them in sentences. If you make notes, you can make use of them. Then try and incorporate these phrases or expressions into your writing. 

4.2 Leave Comments On English-language Blogs 

At the moment, blogs are web pages that seem like journals. Many individuals use them to express their thoughts on a particular topic or to explain things – from how to knit a scarf to more difficult ones dealing with technical or philosophical issues. 

One quality that all of these blogs have in common is that they are interactive: readers can leave comments or dispute the concepts presented in the blog. Even if you are not a fan of blogs, you may come across those that inspire you to participate. So go ahead and do it. You don’t have to be an expert to submit a few phrases about your thoughts or feelings regarding the blog’s content. You will improve your English Language skills the more you write. 

All of the preceding tips can be boiled down to one word: PRACTICE!! Whatever your learning method is, and whatever your native language is, the key to learning and mastering a second language is to practice it as often and as often as possible. 

Are you still intimidated to write your homework, assignment or thesis in English? Fret not, KM Assignment Services is here to help you with your predicament. We have experts who have the right experience to help you out.

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